Pendeta Masuk Islam Pastor A Down with the Islamic Faith

the story of a priest named DR.M. YAHYA WALONI (former pastor), was born in the city of Manado in 1970, among a majority of 99% Protestant Christian. and wonderful he isa theologian .. on 18 Ramadan 1427 hijrah or rather Wednesday, 11 October 2006 he was with his wife and 3 sons islam.bagi legitimate religion he converted to Islam has aphilosophical and spiritual meaning, for him it is not a religion but moved to return to the straight path . before entering the religion of Islam he was the pastor of the famous andthe favorite of many people.
why he converted to Islam so is simple ...
because Al qur'an never berubah2 from beginning to till now whereas he used the bookfirst, much tarnished by human hands.
He also said at the time berkhutbah, he was not in islamkan by a preacher, nor inislamkan by a ki ya'i, but he was in islamkan by a "falsehood, untruth LIE AND THE BOOK OF FIRST OWN Christian"
Subhan Allah ...
be thankful we have embraced Islam and execute the command is GOD!
please browse to look for a video pastor so preachers ...
I can not explain it all, surely Islam is true religion.
"there is no god but GOD"
hopefully this story can strengthen our faith in the religion of Islam.

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